About Our Brand

Meet The Team

Tami Smith

CEO of Kids VS Meals

Kelcie Woods

Author and Social Media Manager

Kelcie is a Registered Dietitian and mom of 3. She graduated from the University of Central Florida (UCF) with a degree in Health Sciences (BS). Two years later, she earned my Masters in Science in Nutrition from Cornell University. Shortly after completing her masters, Kelcie completed a Dietitian internship and earned her Licensure as a Dietitian in Florida, where she reside with her husband, Dale and three children.

Kelcie Woods - Registered Dietitian and Owner of Kids VS Meals
Kelcie Woods with two of her children. She is a mom of three and a RD here to help parents choose the best kids meal delivery services for their family.

Why I Started Kids VS Meals

I started Kids VS Meals after having an awful experience with a specific kids meal delivery service. The problem was, there wasn’t enough information to help me decide which kids meal delivery was best for my family. I received a bad recommendation from a website that reviews specific kids meal delivery brands, and unfortunately, they steered me the wrong way. So, here I am, sailing off into the bright blue sea of amazing kids nutrition services out there. I’m going to cover it all right here at Kids VS Meals to help you and your family!

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