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Nurture Life Subscription Review: Is this healthy kids’ meal delivery worth it?

My Honest Nurture Life Review

If there’s one thing that all parents can agree and connect on, it’s the fact that making healthy, wholesome meals for our children (and getting them to eat them!) can be a real struggle. Not only is it cumbersome to prepare meals multiple times per day, but it can be confusing to know what your child needs.

As a mother, or father, we all want to feed our kids in the most nutritious way possible, but it’s not always as easy as it sounds.

Luckily, there are prepared meal services like Nurture Life that are taking the stress, hassle, and guesswork out of preparing meals for your little ones. In this article, I’m giving you my Nurture Life review, breaking down everything this kid’s meal delivery service has to offer, including the health information, and helping you to decide if this is a good fit for your family. 

So, if you’re looking for a reliable company to deliver a fresh, honest meal plan for your kids, and maybe even the adults in your home, too, then you’re going to want to read this review in its entirety.

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    what the nurture life company is all about
    Kids eating healthy is Nurture Life's Main Mission

    The Company: A Detailed Nurture Life Review

    Nurture life is a healthy kids meal delivery service that provides families with a creative variety of freshly made, nutritious meals that are ready-to-eat. Unlike many of their competitors who focus on a specific age group, Nurture Life caters to babies, toddlers, kids, teens, and adults, making them one of the most versatile services available.

    The team at Nurture life endeavors to make the world a healthier place by helping parents serve meals to their children that they can be proud of. Founded by parents just like you and me, Nurture Life understands the needs, desires, and responsibilities of busy parents. Every meal delivered is fresh, convenient, full of nutrients, and full of flavor.

    brand logo on meal subscription box
    Getting a Nurture Life Meal Subscription Box Delivered to the Door

    Commitment to Kid’s Nutrition: What A Mother Needs

    As children grow and develop, their nutritional needs grow and change with them. Nurture Life is dedicated to age-specific nutrition that ensures your little one is getting exactly what they need at every stage. Their meal philosophy is:

    1. Nutritionally balanced
    2. Includes a full serving of vegetables
    3. Features only real, clean ingredients
    4. All meals are fresh, never frozen
    5. Always delicious

    From babies to teens and everyone in between, Nurture Life grows with your baby, helping them hit their milestones at every stage. You can feel confident in your decision to go with Nurture Life because all of their meals are designed by dieticians. 

    Who’s This Meal Delivery Service For?

    This kids meal delivery service is the perfect addition to your family’s mealtime if you…

    • Are a busy parent or caretaker who struggles to plan for, shop for, prep, and prepare 3 nutritionally balanced meals every day.
    • Have a picky eater who turns their nose up at most of your meals. 
    • Are in need of easy, nutritious meals that you can take on the go.
    • Have children anywhere from ages 10 months all the way to young adulthood.
    • Need to cater to various different ages within your household and don’t want to deal with multiple meal subscriptions.
    • Want your child(ren) to explore a variety of foods, tastes, and textures.
    • Are tired of the mealtime struggle and are looking for someone to give you the “easy” button.

    How Do Nurture Life Meals Work?

    Nurture Life is a subscription service that offers convenience along with flexibility. You can pause, cancel, or skip your meals anytime you want, and you have the freedom to choose which meals are best for your family’s preferences.

    Getting started with Nurture Life is simple. Here’s how it works:

    Step 1: Decide if you want to build your own box or have the team at Nurture Life meals do it for you.

    Step 2: Provide some details regarding your family and their needs so that you can make sure you’re getting the best meals to match your needs.

    Step 3: Choose your meals, selecting from a menu full of premium options with only the best ingredients.

    Step 4: Nurture Life does all the cooking for you, using real food, including organic veggies, safe antibiotic-free proteins, and whole grains.

    Step 5: Your meals are delivered fresh, in a refrigerated box right to your doorstep each week. What better reason to look forward to the mailman!

    As you can see, it’s simple to get started and been easier to get exactly what you need to be delivered to your door.

    Exploring the Menu

    One of my favorite things about Nurture Life is the fact that they cater to so many different ages and stages, and they have a unique menu for each one. Let’s take a look at what you can expect from each stage its portion sizes.

    Babies (ages 10-24 months)

    Finger food presented in tiny, soft, easy to chew bites that encourage the development of the pincer grasp and self-feeding.

    Example items include:

    • Beef Meatloaf, Broccoli & Butternut Squash
    • Chicken Meatballs & Pasta
    • Egg Bite, Sausage & Sweet Potato
    • Oatmeal Protein Bite & Sweet Potato
    • Mac & Cheese with Peas

    Toddlers (ages 1-4 years old)

    Delicious, healthy, and perfectly proportioned toddler meals with age-appropriate food.

    Menu items include:

    • Chicken Pot Pie Stew with Biscuit
    • Turkey Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes, & Green Beans
    • Mac & Cheese with Butternut Squash
    • Egg Bite with Mini Pancakes & Sweet Potatoes

    Kid (ages 5-12 years)

    Full serving of veggies and plenty of protein to support growing bodies.

    Menu items include:

    • Minestrone Stew
    • Chicken Bites Meatball with Pasta & Vegetables
    • BBQ Pulled Pork with Carrots & Cornbread
    • Tortelli Alfredo with Asparagus

    Teen & Adult

    Larger portions and plenty of variety to cater to more developed, sophisticated palates.

    Menu items include:

    • Pesto & Cheese Ravioli
    • Chicken Biryani
    • Veggie Ragout Pasta with Fresh Mozzarella
    • Beef Meatloaf with Mashed Sweet Potatoes & Peas

    Portable Meals

    Need quick, easy, but healthy school lunch food? Nurture Life has you covered with their portable meals that are perfect for the whole family.

    Menu options include:

    • Build-Your-Own Pizza with Italian Sausage & Apple Slices
    • Chicken Meatball Slider with Carrots & Pear Slices
    • Cheese & Veggie Bento Box
    • Protein Bento Box

    Share the love with Shareable meals

    Some of Nurture Life’s most popular and versatile dishes, designed to serve 2-4 people at once. These make a great addition to a homecooked meal or as a meal themselves. Share with the whole family!

    Menu options include:

    • Chicken Meatballs with Marinara and Parmesan
    • Italian Sausage Marinara with Rigatoni
    • Mushroom & Truffle Ravioli
    • Grilled Chicken Au Jus

    Choosing Nurture Life: Pros and Cons

    Ok, now that we’ve talked about what Nurture Life is, how it works, and what you can expect from their menu options, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty and talk pros and cons.

    What we like about Nurture Life

    • Healthy, nutritionally-balanced meals designed by professionals.
    • Meals include nutrients designed for kids ages starting at age 10 months and going to adulthood.
    • Wide menu selection caters to picky eaters as well as those with an advanced palate.
    • All ingredients are safe, natural, and pediatrician and nutritionist-approved.
    • Subscription-based prepared meals service makes it easy to get your meals delivered on auto-pilot.
    • Cancel, pause, or skip weeks at any time.
    • Meals include shipping with eco-friendly gel packs to keep the food cool and fresh.
    • Options that cater to various lifestyles like vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free, soy-free, egg-free, and more.
    • All meals are delivered fresh, never frozen.
    • Prices are very reasonable.
    • Meals can be frozen for later use.
    • Very family-oriented service that you can feel great about.

    What You Should Know Before You Buy

    • No pureed food available for younger babies, so not a great baby food option.
    • Menu rotates, but only every 6-8 weeks.
    • The sharable, family meals may not be enough food for large family units.

    You Have Questions, We Have Answers! (FAQs)

    Before I cut you loose, I want to give you a bit more information and things to consider as you decide if trying Nurture Life food is a good investment for your family. Below are some FAQs that should help you seal the deal.

    All of the contiguous US states.

    Here’s a current breakdown of costs:

    • Finger Food:  $6.89
    • Toddler Meals:  $7.99
    • Kid Meals:  $8.99
    • Teen & Adult Meals:  $10.99
    • Cold Lunches:  $7.99
    • Shareables (2–4 servings per meal):  $9.99–$12.99

    $8 for orders under $59 and free for orders $59+. Order minimum is $39.

    All meals are made using only the freshest ingredients with a focus on organic produce, antibiotic-free proteins, and whole grains. All of their fish is ASC-certified, which is the highest aquaculture standard.

    All meals are made in a nut-free facility (except coconuts). The facility where meals are made contains dairy, eggs, fish, soy, and wheat. The team recommends that you pay close attention to the full ingredients lists on their site and the “contains” statements on each meal if you or someone in your household has an allergy.

    Personally, I find these foods to be best for toddlers between the ages of 2-6. Toddlers tend to be the pickiest when it comes to foods, however, this service also caters to baby and adult/teen needs, too. The age range that this company caters to is one of the best features of Nurture Life.

    Final Thoughts: Is Nurture Life Food Worth It?

    When making any kind of decision, you’ll always factor in the “is it worth it?” question. Because, let’s face it, who wants to buy something only to be disappointed?

    When it comes to kids’ meal delivery services, you have to really stop and consider what you’ll be gaining from your subscription and weigh that against the cost. For example, you might realize that by not shopping, prepping, cooking, and cleaning for your children for 3 meals per day that you’re saving yourself around 10 hours per week. That’s a lot of time that can be allotted to other things that you may find more value in like quality time with your children!

    If you want my honest Nurture Life review, I find Nurture Life to be a particularly beneficial meal delivery service because they cater to children of all ages and adults, too. This means that your plan will grow with you and your child, always ensuring your child gets exactly what he or she needs in their diet. 

    So, in my opinion, Nurture Life and their healthy prepared meals are 100% worth it, you can also see plenty of social proof by checking out other Nurture Life reviews online. This service is particularly great for those parents who struggle to find the time, energy, and motivation to prepare healthy meals for their children day in and day out. You have so much on your plate as a parent, why not take some of the pressure off by outsourcing one of your tasks to the experts?

    Get meals for picky eaters, toddlers, kids, families, and even babies delivered right to your door each week! Try a Nurture Life meal plan for yourself to truly discover if it’s worth it for your family.

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