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Yumi Baby Food Review: Is fresh, organic baby food worth the extra cost?

No pressure, but feeding your baby is probably one of the hardest and most important things you’ll do for your child. So much of your baby’s development depends on proper nutrition.

But before you hit the panic button, consider the fact that there are companies out there whose sole mission is to take care of this for you. That’s right, companies like Yumi were created to help parents just like you and I take the stress and guesswork out of feeding our children. Amen!

The question becomes, is fresh, organic baby food worth the extra cost over the prepared blends that line your store shelves? Read on to find out and to hear my thoughts about this organic baby food delivery service.

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    Why Choose Organic Baby Food?

    Before we dig into the specifics of Yumi, it’s worthwhile to first examine why you might be interested in going with an organic baby food service as opposed to one that’s not.

    Below are top 5 benefits of organic baby food.

    #1. Fewer pesticides

    Organic produce carries drastically fewer pesticides than conventional produce. With less exposure to pesticides and chemicals, organic food is inherently a healthier choice. Pesticides contain toxins that can cause a myriad of health problems that can affect everything from your baby’s brain development to their growth rate.

    #2. Increased overall physical health

    This nutritional study found that two-year-olds who consumed exclusively organic dairy products had lower rates of wheezing and eczema, which are both correlated with asthma. 

    #3. Improved mental health

    There is a direct correlation between diet and disease, including ADD and depression. Some research shows that these problems can be diminished by choosing organic foods.

    #4. Improved mental health

    Choosing to go organic is a more environmentally friendly option. Traditional produce is sprayed with pesticides, which leak off and absorb into the soil. Chemicals in the soil contaminate groundwater and can affect local wildlife.

    #5. Improved mental health

    One thing is for certain: organic foods flat out taste better. What better way to develop your child’s palate than to experience the full, fresh taste of organic foods from day 1.

    All About Yumi: The quick facts and stats

    Where to buy: helloyumi.com
    Best Coupon Code: KVM50OFF (50% Off your first order)
    Cost: 1 meal per day $5, 2 meals per day $4.64, 3 meals per day $4.29, buy 7 meals, get 1 free on the 1 meal per day plan.
    Age-appropriate for: Babies and toddlers ages 4+ months
    Meal selection: Freshly made, organic purees, textured solids, bites, and puffs Shipping: Free to the contiguous US
    Allergen information: Free of the “Big-8” allergens (milk, eggs, tree nuts, soy, wheat, peanuts, fish, and crustaceans)
    Sourcing: Local California farms that are tested for low soil-based heavy metal content.
    Consumption: Meals are delivered fresh and ready to eat, remaining edible with refrigeration for up to 7 days.
    Support: Yumi’s team includes doctors, nutritional experts, and renowned chefs.

    Access to Personalized Dietician Advice

    This is perhaps the best benefit of choosing Yumi for your baby’s meals, you get access to a dietician that you can refer to anytime when you have a question regarding feeding your child. Subscribers can text a dietician and expect to hear answers back about some of the most common questions we all have when it comes to nourishing our baby.

    This type of support is invaluable for parents. Raising a child is uncharted territory for many of us, and we want to get it right. While we should always value the advice of our pediatrician above all else, sometimes it’s nice to speak with someone who specializes in the field to get even more insight and reassurance. Yumi does a great job of giving science-backed nutritional advice to parents looking for peace of mind.

    Exploring the Yumi Menu

    Yumi features an extensive menu that includes 50+ flavors for your little one to explore. Upon signing up with Yumi, you’ll be taken through their process of building your baby’s meal plan based on your needs and preferences. Some options include determining how many meals per day you’d like delivered (1,2, or 3) and then which options are available based on your child’s age. The menu is rotating, changing weekly, and the team is continuously unrolling new foods and chef collaborations for even more exploratory taste bud fun!

    Breaking down the meals

    Yumi breaks down their meal options into stages, which makes it very easy and convenient for parents to determine what foods they should be chosen for their child based on their current age and readiness.

    Stage 1: Single-ingredient purees for first-time eaters (4-6 months)

    Stage 2: Multi-ingredient purees/mashables (7+ months)

    Stage 3: Textured, multi-ingredient puree with seeds and grains (9+ months)

    Stage 4: Small pieces of food (pinchables) that your baby can pick up and eat (10+ months)

    Stage 5: Nutrient-dense bites and puffs (11+ months)

    As you can see, Yumi designed their menu to grow with your child. From the first time they show readiness to try solids until they’re able to explore feeding themselves, Yumi makes foods that are designed to safely introduce your child to foods, tastes, and textures that will help develop their brain and bodies and foster a healthy relationship with food.

    What’s the Milestone Plan?

    Speaking of introducing your baby to foods safely and efficiently, Yumi offers their Milestone Plan, which is the most popular plan for parents starting their baby out on solids.

    Here’s how the Milestone Plan works:

    1. Based on your child’s age and stage of development, you’ll receive freshly made blends each week that is focused on nourishing your baby’s developmental milestones. Every meal is mapped against thousands of clinical studies and endless research.
    2. Every week, your child will be introduced to 3-4 new flavors. Over the course of the Milestone Plan, your child will have been introduced to 100+ different flavors, a feat difficult to accomplish when attempting on your own.
    3. Your child will enjoy new flavors, textures, and recipes as he or she progresses and develops. And you can sit back, relax, and enjoy knowing that your child’s nutritional needs are being met without all the stress, hassle, and prep-work.
    yumi's milestone plan is backed by science

    Do These Fresh Baby Foods Pass the Taste Test?

    Now that you have all of the details and information regarding Yumi and how their meal plans work, we need to answer a very important question: do they pass the taste test?

    I scoured the internet to find Yumi reviews from real parents and the overall consensus is that these fresh, organic foods are 100% taste bud-friendly! The trick to encouraging your baby to enjoy fresh, unprocessed foods is to start them off by eating them from the get-go. Foods like the ones prepared by Yumi are free of added sugars, preservatives, and other fillers, which is a drastic difference from the baby foods that you’ll find at your local grocery store.

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    If you’re still on the fence about fresh, organic baby food delivery from Yumi, read through these FAQs to get some additional insight and information. 

    Little Spoon has less options when it comes to the texture of their purees and does not discern between stages in the way that Yumi does. Yumi also offers bites, puffs, and mashables that are great for baby-led weaning and for babies that are ready to start exploring self-feeding.

    Yumi jars are good for up to 7 days in your refrigerator, or until the printed date on the container. Once opened, you can store them in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours.

    Yes, for up to 2 months to preserve freshness.

    Your monthly cost will depend on how many meals per day you order for your child. Expect to pay anywhere from $3.75 to $4.35 per meal, multiplied by the number of meals you order per day.

    There are no long-term obligations, you can cancel your subscription at any time by emailing  [email protected].

    So, Is Fresh, Organic Baby Food From Yumi Worth the Extra Expense?

    Want my honest answer? Yes, fresh, organic baby food is 100% worth the extra expense. Why? Because you’re giving your baby the freshest, most nutritious foods possible, adn when you choose Yumi, you’re doing so at age-appropriate stages.

    Feeding your baby can quickly become an all-consuming process that’ll have you wanting to pull your hair out. So why not take all that stress, anxiety, and guessing off of your plate and use a legitimate baby food service like Yumi that does it all for you?

    Yumi’s team doesn’t guess. They know exactly what your child needs nutritionally and developmentally and they deliver that right to your door on auto-pilot each week. Feeding your baby has never been easier! The sheer convenience of baby food delivery service like Yumi makes them worth the extra expense, but when you couple that with the fact that the food is fresh, unprocessed, and not filled with potentially harmful preservatives and fillers, and you’ve got a home run.

    I highly recommend trying Yumi out for your little one. Experience the ease and peace of mind that comes with healthy meal delivery for babies so that you can spend more time soaking them up while they’re small – and you can’t put a price on quality time!

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